Rails connect communities, people, and economies

Their cargo makes us prosperous and resilient. Forming a network across rivers, mountains, and prairies, they bind Albertans together in a collective future – one where we collaborate toward better outcomes and opportunities.

Yet, railways throughout Alberta face unevenly deployed resources, insufficient seasonal service, and unreliable capacity

This is wreaking havoc on the very systems designed to keep us connected, creating a domino effect throughout the entire country.

Our supply chains are fragile and, once disrupted, prove challenging to fix, causing not only local producers, exporters, and communities to suffer but tarnishing our provincial reputation and ability to be active economic participants in an increasingly globalized world.

The Community Rail Advocacy Alliance (CRAA) wants to solve this problem

By bringing together municipalities, industries, associations, and regions, we are bringing a united voice to government and the rail industry, calling for action to be taken to ensure our rail system gets back on track. We want to share our resources with the world, but we need reliable, equitable rail systems that support our participation.



We’re pulling the conversation forward and using a unified voice to call for action to see the change we need for our future. Learn more about why this matters.