Why It Matters

Our railway systems throughout Alberta face unevenly deployed resources, insufficient seasonal service, and unreliable capacity

Many rural communities, economies and industries rely on railcar services to get their products to market. For most, this is the only option for safe and affordable transportation.

But without an equitable rail service, Alberta is at a disadvantage. Our natural resources, products, and labour fail to reach the marketplace, preventing local economies from thriving. It’s tarnishing our reputation and hurting essential industries, hardworking Albertans, and rural communities.

For Economies

Our members are key pieces of several industries, economies, and regions across Western Canada, including the agricultural, petrochemical, oil and gas, forestry, mining, and manufacturing sectors. Without equitable railcar service, these industries can’t get their products to market, meaning millions in lost revenue and tax dollars for our province. Prosperous, successful industries need transportation methods that can meet their needs on time and on budget.

+ Billion
in GDP

For Communities

Without strong industries and economies supported by reliable railcar service, our communities suffer. Not only in lost tax dollars, but in jobs and wages for workers. The delays to railcar services have resulted in industry shutdowns, temporary work stoppages, and slowing down economies that keep our communities going. Ensuring we have fair, equitable access to railcar services is critical to continuing to grow and nurture our communities across the province.

Impacted Workers

For Our Future

We want our communities to thrive and attract new businesses and opportunities for our future. But without a reliable system to get products to market, investors will look elsewhere to grow their businesses and finance projects. Establishing a reliable, equitable railcar system in our province can be the difference in success or failure for communities, Albertans, and their future.

Forecasted GDP Growth
Fastest Growing Province